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 Welcome to ComplianceTrak - created to provide dealerships within the motor industry a complete one-stop multi-platform solution to cover all FCA compliance regulation requirements

All your dealerships FCA Compliance needs in one system

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 "If you think compliance is expensive,
try non-compliance." 

Would A Suprise FCA Audit Place

Your Dealership On The Brink Of Bankruptcy?

It’s no secret that the British motor industry is coming under increased scrutiny by the Financial Conduct Authority ( FCA ). Is your dealership vulnerable to bankruptcy-inducing FCA fines? If it were… would you know before it’s too late? If your dealership is employing a weak, inconsistent, and undemonstrable FCA compliance process… you’re at risk! Protect your dealership from potential fines and lawsuits for claims of mis-selling with ComplianceTrak.

ComplianceTrak Makes FCA Compliance Fast And Easy!

ComplianceTrak has been designed specifically for motor dealers and dealer groups who need to remain 100% compliant with current FCA rules and regulations.


Its intuitive user experience makes compliance simple. Your dealership will benefit from robust processes and controls from the point of sale through delivery. ComplianceTrak automatically produces all the requisite FCA documentation you’ll need. Every document is precisely time and date stamped. You’ll even have the ability to capture digital signatures. This means your dealership will have evidence that all consumer credit and general insurance activities meet FCA rules and regulations in the event of a surprise audit.


Whether you are a single dealership or a dealer group, ComplianceTrak is configured to your businesses requirements and can be used as a stand-alone solution or integrated with showroom CRM or DMS platforms.

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