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It’s no secret that the British motor industry is coming under increased scrutiny by the Financial Conduct Authority ( FCA ). Is your dealership vulnerable to bankruptcy-inducing FCA fines? If it were… would you know before it’s too late? If your dealership is employing a weak, inconsistent, and undemonstrable FCA compliance process… you’re at risk! 

ComplianceTrak is one of the UK's leading providers of FCA compliance services, FCA compliance software, FCA compliance consultancy, auditing and Authorised Representative (AR) Network services to automotive dealerships and groups, large and small within the UK.

Whether your business is looking to opt-out of Direct Authorisation and wish to come under the umbrella of one of the UK's most progressive FCA Appointed Representative Networks, or need innovative compliance software systems, training, auditing or support, our dedicated team of experts at ComplianceTrak are here to help guide and support you.

"If you think compliance is expensive,
try non-compliance."
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FCA Compliance Services

ComplianceTrak can offer and assist your business with a wide range of compliance services including membership of our Authorised Representative (AR) Network, file auditing, sales process reviews & performance monitoring and staff compliance training online & in-house, all delivered by our dedicated team of industry experts.

FCA Compliance Software

ComplianceTrak has a comprehensive suite of intuitive web-based FCA Compliance showroom systems specifically designed for motor dealers.

Our suite of paperless software solutions cover consumer credit, general insurance and FCA competency e-learning and can all be combined to deliver a one-stop-shop seamless experience.

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